“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”— Seth Godin

Social-MediaHumans are social creatures. We like to engage, be it with another person, the family pet, our favourite TV programme, a best-seller, or a beloved novel, “the” online game of the moment. We like to have experiences, and then we like to share them with family and friends. We like to have conversations, express opinions, shout about a positive or have a good whinge about a negative. We like to embellish: we like to share stories. With the rise of social media, our world has suddenly grown both larger and smaller simultaneously: we can now engage 24/7 not only with people we know—who we’ve met in person—but also strangers living on the other side of the world, without ever leaving the safety of our computer or smartphone screen.

For marketers, the opportunity to interact directly with their target audience has never been greater. Neither has the challenge. Which social media platforms to focus on? How to maintain consistency of brand—social branding—across the multiple channels? How can you cost effectively scale social media? What tools to use to listen to what is being said about your brand, who is saying it, and what is the sentiment behind the comments? How to then manage said tools? How to strategically manage the conversation with your audience to narrow any gap between the public perception of the brand and the brand’s desired positioning without frustrating the customer? How to measure the value of your company’s social media efforts? How to know what to measure, what is valuable? Most important of all: How to increase the value of those efforts, to reap a greater return on investment?

Additionally, despite all the brand can do, when it comes to social media, the consumer is in the driver’s seat. This is a vast sea change from “traditional” outbound marketing, wherein the brand dictated the product and its message. Consumers now control the conversation through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Yelp, etc. So it’s in the brand’s best interest to listen closely to what is being said. Moreover, it’s now common knowledge that consumers are more likely to believe and act upon the opinions of their peers than on the brand’s orchestrated marketing message.

In light of the number and variety of elements involved in undertaking social media activities, it’s no wonder social media can be perceived as a “time suck.” But like most marketing activities, it is basically an ongoing cycle of organise -> strategise -> optimise -> repeat. And, again, similar to most things marketing, it’s all about how well these activities are done, then identifying the key insights and leveraging the latter to their fullest.

The best way to ensure this is to develop a concise methodology deploying the right tools, as well as clear timescales for cyclic reviews. It should be a multi-level strategy, and can incorporate the personas that have (hopefully) been developed for the brand’s content marketing strategy. It should encompass a social media corporate policy (communicated to all staff and key external stakeholders), as well as polices for social branding and social media management.

Benefits of Social Media

  • Increased customer engagement and loyalty
  • Increased online brand visibility
  • Increased traffic to company website(s)
  • Increased opportunity for sales
  • Opportunity for corporate growth on a smaller budget

Why Choose Mode Digital as Your Social Media Partner?

Mode Digital can make sure your brand is fully primed to take the social media plunge. We operate in a consistent and timely manner to help organise, strategise and optimise your social media activities. Mode can deliver:

  • A clean, consistent and high quality presence for your brand across the social web
  • A focused communications plan to ensure your brand engages with the most influential consumers, groups and networks and to coordinate actions by your team and your agencies
  • Regular, detailed reports on the success of your social media campaigns
  • Deep and ongoing insight into your consumers’ behaviour, attitudes and motivations
  • Ongoing access to focused expertise in a burgeoning field without requiring an additional capital resource investment
  • Continual, clear and informed guidance through the complex and dynamic social media landscape


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